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Written by admin on October 2, 2011

Employees of the Leipzig Zoo made the determination to put down the loveable, crossed-eyed oppossum today, because after being listless and unable to move for many weeks, all medical testing could not determine anything wrong with the animal unless it was old age. German artist known only as Wolfgang B. has admitted to 14 paint forgeries in court yesterday, September 27. He is one of four people being charged with frasud totaling 22 million dollars. Germany Chancellor Merkel said that it had been voted that Germany would provide Greece with all required help and support so that Greece could become strong and remain in the Eurozone community. This was met with mixed opinions. Inflation in Germany has accelerated recently to 2.8 which is the fastest it has risen in three years. This is a rise from 2.4 in August. There is a hope of a slowing of the rise in 2012. Unions are seeking the return of siestas or napping to improve the health and performance of employees by cutting the risks of heart attacks and providing a much needed energy boost. In the long course this may lower the health care cost for employees. Many firms have gone so car as to provide a siesta room or nap area.

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