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Written by admin on October 10, 2011

A French court has ruled that it will not force the extradition of Agathe Habyarrian, wife of former Rwardan president, to stand trail for genocide in Rwanda. Agathe Habyarrian, who currently lives in a mansion in Paris, has been refused asylum three times by a different French court.
Phoebe Philo has taken Paris fashion week by storm. Her new designs, with higher waistlines and higher heels, emphasize a woman’s proportion, line and cut. Much of the collection is done in white. Her handbags are selling faster in top designer department stores in New York than they can be produced.
6 to 10 Somalian gunmen have kidnapped an elderly handicapped French lady on the Kenyan island of Lamu. Another elderly couple was kidnapped three weeks ago. Kenya has failed to gain the release of those captured, despite government intervention. One person has been arrested.
The French Senate has elected its first Socialist leader in more than fifty years. This leaves the 2012 election in turmoil.
3 men are being investigated for the theft of art from the Museum of Modern Art. The value of the items taken in the theft, which occurred eighteen months ago, is valued at least 130 million dollars. During the theft five paintings were taken, including works by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matissie.More info here: France won’t extradite Rwandan ex-first lady

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