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Written by admin on April 29, 2012

If you grind your own meat you might consider continuing this practice. It was recently reported by a whistleblower that more than 70 percent of the meat sold in the United States contains a substance known as pink slime.

Originally reserved for dog food, pink slime was a term used to describe all the extra trimmings and bits of unappetizing meat that was cut out of the cow during the production phase. Now, pink slime is given a stringent ammonia bath before it is eventually reincorporated into the meat and sold on the market.

What does this mean for you? People all over the country have fired up their internet connection to weigh in on this shocking discovery and the response has been overwhelming. While the people in charge claim that there is nothing wrong with pink slime, many consumers simply aren’t buying into this and have even opted to switch over to new markets to avoid this phenomenon.

What does this mean for the meat market? Only time will tell. In this country, we eat a lot of meat and as the demand continues to rise, we may reach a point where people simply don’t care what they are eating.

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