The Latest News Headlines From China

Written by admin on October 8, 2011

400,000 people have been forced into evacuation centers as Typhoon Nesat hits the eastern tip of Hainan Island in China. The storm arrived with 90 mile per hour winds forcing the closure of schools, suspension of the ferry service and fishing boats being put into dry dock.
China’s Department of Culture has forced the cancellation of the second annual Confucius award by Traditional Culture Protection Department under the Association of Chinese Indigenous Arts led by wealthy business man Liu Haofeng. The group gave the first award, 15,000, to a business leader from Taiwan in protest of Liu Xiaobo being given the Nobel Peace Prize. In announcing the cancellation, the Department of Culture said another group would be responsible for giving the award this year. This has stirred quite a controversy within the country with Liu Haofeng vowing to give an award anyway.
Hu Zhicheng, a United States scientist in the auto industry is still being detained in China. Hu Zhicheng was originally arrested on theft of business secrets. He was found not guilty, and is free to travel within China. Chinese government authorities refuse to let him leave the country, something he wants to do desperately since his wife and son, 13, are in the United States.
United States Presidential candidate Michelle Bachman and a member of the House Intelligence Committee said that China had blinded US satellites on at least two occasions. Bachman refused to go into details declaring them classified.
On September 29, 2011, China successfully launched its first unmanned space laboratory from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Now, China has announced that the first test for the Tiangong 1 will happen in November when it attempts a major docking test.
The Chinese government’s State Internet Information Office has once again warned residents to not post rumors on social media sites. Residents of China have been fined and imprisoned from five days to ten days for past participation. Popular internet rumors in China have followed the failure of the high speed railroad and following Japan’s earthquake. Almost 200,000,000 users have come under scrutiny.

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